Welcome to the GATESVILLE JUNIOR HIGH library!  
Books are due two weeks after you check them out.  We are also checking out calculators, which has proven to be very beneficial to our math students. 
Check out our shelf of NEW books and the very popular GRAPHIC NOVEL section!  Girls are loving the Selection series.  We have two copies of each of the five books in the series and cannot keep them on the shelf!  Also very popular with the guys and the girls are the Amulet and Artemis Fowl series. 
I want to invite you to come in before school if you want to turn in books, check out books, or if you want to charge your device and listen to music.  Students at GJHS are also keeping busy in the mornings putting together puzzles, playing a quick round of chess or checkers, playing with our challenging brain games and creating beautiful pictures in the many coloring books we have in the library.  Last but not least, check out our awesome Lego Board!  If the door is open, come on in!