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Welcome to Gatesville Junior High! I am looking forward to working with each of you as the year progresses. Our goal is to ensure that each of our students receives the best education possible. It is our hope that your child will look forward to school each day, as well as the opportunities for academic and social growth. We have a fantastic group of students at Gatesville, along with a supportive community that wants the very best for our students. We encourage all parents/guardians to take an active part in the education of the students at Gatesville Junior High. We feel that when there is a connection between home and school, the students will have a much greater chance of reaching their potential. I am looking forward to a fantastic school year at Gatesville Junior High!

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2019 - 2020 testing dates for Gatesville Junior High School

Math Benchmark- Feb. 10 Reading Benchmark- Feb. 11 Science Benchmark- Feb. 12 Social Studies Benchmark- Feb. 13 7th gr Writing STAAR- Apr. 7 8th gr Math STAAR- Apr. 8 8th gr Reading STAAR- Apr. 9 Alg. 1- May 5 8th gr Science STAAR- May 6 8th gr Social Studies STAAR- May 7 7th gr Math STAAR- May 12 8th gr Math STAAR retest- May 12 7th gr Reading STAAR- May 13 8th gr Reading STAAR retest- May 13
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As parents and community members you are critical partners in the education of our students. It may be a cliché, but it truly does take a village to educate a child. We appreciate and value the trust that parents have placed in our staff and we accept the responsibility of ensuring that all students graduate college and world ready. We are committed to developing in each student the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to ensure many paths to a successful future. Our number one priority will always be the success of every student.
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