Library Guidelines for GJHS Teachers & Staff


Teachers may send up to five students at a time from their classes.  Each student needs an individual written pass with the student's name, the teacher's name, the date, and the time the student left class.

Students sent to use library computers for research must have a written assignment stating the topic to be researched.  They will be expected to use research sites suggested and approved by the teacher or the librarian.

Students who come to the library to do make-up work or take tests will not be monitored other than being asked to sit at separate tables.

Teachers are welcome to schedule their classes through google calendar.  Classes are welcome at all periods.


You are encouraged to bring your classes to the library to do research using our reference books and nonfiction and biography collections.  We have eight brand new chrome books available for student use

When bringing a class, please make arrangements with the librarian at least two weeks in advance and let her know the topics being researched.  That way we can place materials on reserve so they are available for your students.  If you like, we can save the students some time by pulling materials for them before they arrive.

Always accompany your class to the library and closely supervise them while they are here.


Library books, including reference books and professional books, are checked out to teachers for two-week periods and can be renewed as many times as necessary.  Fines are not charged to teachers, but if you lose an item you will be expected to pay for it.


If you have a recommendation or request for a book to be added to the library collection, let me know and I will make every effort to purchase it.

Please be aware of and instruct your students in basic copyright law as pertains to library materials.   The library web site has a link to copyright information for teachers.

If you need training on AV or technology equipment, or help in using library programs or databases such as Destiny, Discovery Education Video streaming,  or Britannica Online, see the librarian during your conference period.

Please notify the librarian immediately about equipment malfunctions so arrangements can be made for repair or replacement.

Check the calendar on google to see classes that are scheduled to visit the library, maker space room, CHROMEBOOK CART or computer labs located on seventh grade hall and room A-1.