JH 7th Grade wins Academic meet:  7th Grade was overall champions at the recent UIL Academic meet.  Results from each event: Math - Ethan Nichols 3rd, Kason Herbelin 5th; Chess, Cody Graham and Ben Mabry tied 1st, Tykel Johnson 5th; Listening Skills - Lola Barron 2nd; Poetry - Kallyn Moreland 1st, Grace Penrod 3rd, Kennedy Preciado 5th; Art - Vielka Gonzalez 4th, Aydan Necessary 5th; Music Memory - Persephone Romero 5th; Editorial Writing - Kaitlyn Stuard 1st, Rachel Garrett 4th, Brooklyn Byrd 5th; Number Sense - Grant Erwin 6th; Dictionary Skills - Brady Carothers 1st, Lathan Turner 5th; Spelling - Laura Mitchell 3rd, Alexander Scott 5th; Social Studies - Slone Early 1st, Asher Bowland 4th; Maps, Charts and Graphs - Clifton Cooper 2nd, Grayson Baker 3rd; Modern Oratory - Kamryn Higginbotham 2nd.

JH 8th Graders Place at Academic meet:  8th Grade had several students place at the recent UIL Academic meet: Science - Allie Pearce 1st; Chess - Jaiden Gomez and Hayden Wood tied 1st, Nathan Story 3rd; Listening Skills - Haley Luensmann 1st; Poetry - Jacob Baker 5th; Art - Marlee Williams 2nd; Editorial Writing - Luensmann 1st, Xadan Cierra 4th, Rachel Conner 5th; Number Sense - Pearce 3rd, Bradyn Culley 6th; Dictionary Skills - Kaylee Hamilton 6th; Impromptu Speaking - Luensmann 1st, Cayden Mata 6th; Ready Writing - Megan Meadley 1st; Maps, Charts and Graphs - Zane Foster 6th; Modern Oratory - Ashton McCarley 1st, Logan Villarrial 6th.