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Ms. Langston's 7th grade ELAR

Welcome, Learners and Co-Teachers!
Learners are people who actively work toward a new understanding of the world around them. Co-Teachers are the folks at home who reinforce what we are doing in school. Co-Teachers, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, let our learners SEE you read and write. Talk to them about how you use your reading and writing skills everyday at work and at play. This will be invaluable to what we are doing in the classroom each day.
My name is Ms. Langston. I am in the 19th year of education and I am a LEARNER. I learn everything I can about everything I can. I love to explore the world around me. I am a graduate of Abilene Christian University. I lived for a time in Southeast Asia. I am mom three amazing kids who also attend schools in the Gatesville I.S.D. system.
In my free time I enjoy gardening, anything to do with the water, baking, and a good cuppa (tea) and a book. I enjoy BBC television shows and mini series, because they are frequently base on amazing books. Visiting England is still on my To Do list. 
I am so excited to have you both in our learning community. We have a great deal to explore this year in not only writing and grammar, but also in reading. 
I did not learn to read for pleasure until I was out of graduate school a year or two, so I get where reluctant readers are coming from when they say they do not like to read. With that in mind, our department has chosen to tackle assigned books in a different format than has traditionally been used. 
This year we will be working in book clubs, a format of literary study that allows learners to choose books based on their personal interests. Performance assessments for this style of learning community will be individual project based, and will allow learners more freedom in choosing how they wish to show that they have learned. 
Learners will be exploring how to write about what they read, and how to write about nonfiction. We will also work on grammatical accuracy, as well as learning to compare and contrast different types of literary texts.
We will also be working on the importance of making inferences based on 1. what we already know from our own experiences, and 2. what the author gives us in the text. This is something that we do all the time, but we don't sit around saying, "Well, you know what I just inferred?" 
We have a lot of ground to cover, a great many adventures to go on through different types of literature, and a great many stories and ideas of our own creation to share with the world. I am so excited to be leading this adventure, and to partner with you both in this wonderful experience called LEARNING.

Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?  Peter Pan by J.M. Barry


Ms. Langstonā€™s

7th Grade ELAR Supply List


1- Composition Book (100 sheets, WIDE ruled) No spirals please!

2- LIGHT colored PAPER folders with brads and pockets

Wide ruled PAPER, PAPER, PAPER (You can never have too much!)

Multiple pencils (We use these for a majority of the assignments.)

Multiple pens (black or blue for final drafts, red for editing and grading.)

Various colors of highlighters


OPTIONAL (but much appreciated):

Kleenex (Classes blow through these quickly!)

Glue sticks

Markers, map colors (great idea to have some handy)