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8th Grade ELAR

Welcome to 8th Grade Advanced and Regular ELAR!
Supply list:
  • 2 writing journals
  • 3 ring binder
  • 5 dividers
  • 1 folder with brads
  • notebook paper
  • blue or black pens
  • pencils
  • red pen 
  • highlighter
  • one box of Kleenex

                         Classroom Rules



Come to class prepared to learn. This means completing your assignments on time and bringing the necessary supplies for class. Study when necessary and participate in class activities. 


Be Respectful

Respect is our GOLDEN RULE!!! This means we listen when others are speaking and speak only when it is our turn. We keep our hands to ourselves. We allow others the maximum opportunity to learn in the classroom. We follow all procedures. We use only first names to address other students and Mr. or Ms. when addressing teachers or staff.

Google Classroom codes:
Advanced Ed: ypzuey
Regular Ed: 2jwnjb
Remind Code:
Kidblog class code: (valid through August 26th)
Classroom Facebook page: 
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