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Let me tell you a little about myself; my name is Mrs. Thompson and I am the Special Education/Life Skills teacher at Junior High. Becoming a teacher was my childhood dream. I have worked in many school systems over the years as a volunteer, substitute, aide, student teacher and now as a teacher. I love to see children surpass expectations, build confidence and succeed. The smallest victories make me so happy!
I am originally from Killeen, TX. I am an Army brat, my dad served 23 years. My husband joined the Army in 2010 and since has medically retired. I loved being an Army wife! I have been blessed with many opportunities and challenges that have made me a stronger person because of the Army. I am also a mother of two children; a boy and a girl, ages thirteen and
eleven. My son is involved with many sports and 4H, my daughter is involved in cheer, tumbling and 4H.
My hobbies include photography, Photoshop, small do-it-yourself crafts, baking and decorating cakes and scrap-booking. This year I took on the new journey of being a surrogate mother, I am currently pregnant with twin boys and will be going on maternity leave sometime this fall.
We have a new aide in our classroom this year, Mrs. Myers will be joining the classroom and we also have our aide from last year, Mrs. Reeder. They are both fantastic!
This year we will hit reading VERY rigorously! Please keep an eye out for homework and reading logs!
I look forward to working with you and your children.
Amanda Thompson
"Believe in them and they will succeed."

Recent Posts

Working hard!

The students jumped right back into their daily routine and work and are doing well! 
Right now students are focusing on the Colonial Era and the Revolutionary War and in Science we are focusing on the food chain and animal kingdoms. 
In Math and English students are working on individual needs. 
We are preparing for an upcoming field trip in February so keep a look out for details!
Students are coming home with a book everyday. Please read with them and sign the reading log.
Mrs. Thompson

April 2017

This school year has went by so quickly and we have went over so much material! We have just started our unit on Force and Motion and in Social Studies/History we have just started the Civil War!
It is almost progress report time again and also students are getting their paperwork for their schedules next year so keep a look out for it!
We will still be working hard the next 31 days and students in my classes have just about finished their STAAR testing!
Have a great Easter weekend!
Mrs. Thompson

It's already November!

I cannot believe that it is already November! Our students are working hard! We have accomplished a lot already! We have already went over habitats, omnivores, carnivores, herbivores, predator, prey, the food chain and the food web just to name a few! We are currently working on life cycles of every animal classification.
In social studies we're working on the Colonial Era, from migrating over to hardships and triumph.
In other academics such as math and reading-our students are working on individual goals.
We are all looking forward to Thanksgiving break from the 21st-25th of November!

Have a great summer!

I hope everyone has a great summer! I know we are all looking forward to a nice break. Students will be testing and then relaxing with a field trip day and pizza party day!

Whoa! School is almost out for summer!

Hi everyone!
I cannot believe how fast this school year is going by as we close out another 6 weeks. We are still working on individual goals for ELAR and math, but in History we have just closed out on our Revolutionary War events that included the 4th of July and Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. We are now moving into Texas History, studying the Texas symbols, first.
In Science we just closed out our Space unit that included the Milky Way, constellations, the planets and the stars and the moon. We are now moving into Force and Motion.
I hope everyone is doing well. Please feel free to contact me for a conference, to volunteer or to get an update on progress.
Mrs. Thompson

We have been super busy!

Our students have been working on the Colonial Era and all of the events that lead up to the Revolutionary War! We will be closing this unit in the upcoming weeks and close it out with the Declaration of Independence and study the history of the US flag.
In Science we just closed up our unit Fossils and most recently on Solid, Liquids, Gases and Matter. The students did such a great job and retained more than most of the information!
We have now moved on to the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars as well as the Solar System.
In Math, English and Reading we are continuing to work on individual goals. Look for the updated progress reports with your students report cards which will be sent home the week February 29th.
As always, please contact me with  any questions!

3rd 6 weeks/holidays!

The 3rd six weeks have already approached us. Report cards and IEP updates were sent home last week! If you did not receive your students, please give me a call or email.
 The holidays are in full swing, we will be closing out on the Thanksgiving unit this week and begin focusing on Christmas around the world for Social Studies.
In Science we are focusing on habitats.
In English we work on writing, spelling and sentence structure daily.
I look forward to the next 6 weeks. Remember, December 18th is a half day, then we are off for the holidays for 2 weeks. We return on January 2nd.
Mrs. Thompson

November is here!

Hi, parents,
I cannot believe how quickly the year has flown by! We have been extra busy in class with lots of field trips and hands on experiences. We love going to the care center to volunteer our time. Not only are we volunteering and helping our community-we are learning job skills such as following directions and doing so accurately among other skills.
We are working on individual goals in Math, English and Reading. Please ask your students what they are doing in these classes.
In History we are continuing on the Colonial Era and we are getting into more interesting and hands on activities as the unit progresses and as we get closer to Thanksgiving!
In Science we enjoyed our trip at the zoo and now are working on animal kingdoms, after next week we should be headed into habitats and reference our zoo trip often as a reference aide.
Hope you all are enjoying your year thus far! 

Science and History update!

In science our students are focusing on animal kingdoms and how to classify animals within the animal kingdoms! We're having a lot of fun and cannot wait to go to the zoo for closure!
In History our students are focusing on the Colonial Era as we just finished Columbus day and are approaching Thanksgiving! The students are learning about the voyage over, the hardships the pioneers faced and will be creating items that were hand made during this era such as soaps, butter, quilts, supper, pens and candles. We're so excited for all of these hands on activities!

2nd 6 weeks!

I can't believe it is already the 2nd 6 weeks! The students have been working so hard! We are getting into animal habitats, ecosystems, food chains and food webs in Science. Money skills in Math and in Social Studies the students already know their presidents and are learning their states for fun and we are focusing on communities and will soon move on to History lessons such as the 13 colonies, founding fathers, etc. Looking forward to the next 6 weeks!

2nd Semester!

We are already in the second semester! Time goes by WAY TOO FAST which means STAAR testing is approaching quickly!
This week we have moved out of Space and now we are moving into Earth's Weather for Science.
In Social Studies we are focusing on the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence and historical figures during these times such as America's founding fathers.
In English and Reading we are focusing on writing prompts, sight words and comprehension.
Report cards went out on Friday, looking forward to another great 6 weeks!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all my students! They are truly a blessing!
Mrs. Thompson