Hello! My name is Allison Reed and I am starting my fourth year at GJH teaching 7th grade English.  I also have the pleasure of coaching volleyball and track at the high school. Working with kids and helping them reach their full potential, has been my greatest joy in teaching and coaching. I believe every student brings something different to the classroom, which makes teaching fun and exciting! Every day is a new day to learn, teach, and inspire.
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." -Helen Keller
 Tutorials: Tuesday and Friday mornings @7:30

Feel free to contact me through my school email areed@gatesvilleisd.org or school phone 254-865-8271 anytime! I am a coach so calling can be a hard way to catch me, but I will do my best to call you back on my conference as soon as I can.

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We finished reading "A Christmas Carol" and compared the differences of the book to the play. The students are now working on their compare and contrast essays, which they were given 4 topics to choose from.
We have begun reading Dark Water Rising in class. It is a great historical fiction novel that brings to light the events of the the 1900 Galveston Hurricane. It uses great examples of figurative language and students are enjoying every minute.If you would like to read it as well parents, I strongly encourage it. You will not be disappointed. 
Mid-term finals have arrived! I hope each of you take the time and effort to study and do amazing on your finals in all of  your classes! You have a week left then it's lovely Christmas break! Here is the finals schedule for 7th graders:
Monday: 4th and 6th periods
Tuesday: 5th and 7th
Wednesday: 1st and 3rd
Thursday: 2nd and 8th
Friday: Early Release Schedule. Dismissal at 12:45
We have been focusing a lot lately on different parts of speech. The class has learned about verbs, nouns, and adjectives so far. This week we are focusing on adverbs. Concentration of parts of speech helps the students comprehend how a sentence should be written and gives the writer more options to elaborate in their sentences.

I hope each of you are working hard on joining the No Zeros Club! All of you are capable of joining! Keep working hard and turning in all assignments, so you can be successful in my class as well as others!! YOU CAN DO IT!

**By the way, summer is only a few months away! It will be enjoyed greatly by having a great end to the year! Stay focused and do well!

Let the countdown begin! We have 8 days until the Writing STAAR Test. In class this upcoming week, before STAAR, we will be preparing and focusing on last minute details and reviewing key concepts to help us be extra prepared for the test! I know my students have worked hard all year for this moment! Writing STAAR Test is March 29th!

Simple, Compound, and Complex sentences



We have been learning about different types of sentences used to write an effective paragraph. This video is a great review for students. They can watch and take in what we have learned in class to make sure they understand simple, compound, and complex sentences.

3 week grades

Grades that go towards your 3 week progress report for the 4th Six Weeks end this Friday 2/5. Please make sure that you are doing everything possible to get your work in on time and studying for all tests. Determination is key to keeping your grades up!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The time off will give your brains a nice relaxing break! That way when January comes you are ready to start 2016 fresh and rejuvenated! Please stay safe and enjoy your time off with family and friends! See you in 2016!! :)

Finals Schedule for Coach Reed's English

Finals Schedule:

Monday: 4th and 6th period

Tuesday: 5th period

Wednesday: 3rd period

***Please study for your finals!!!!!***


Finals are next week! I hope all of you study long and hard for your tests coming up in all classes! Good luck!!!
The Giver project has begun. Students have been assigned groups and will be working together in class reviewing what they have read and using it to help them complete their projects.