Jon Crosby, Sped Teacher

During this current school shutdown, the website  is the site that will allow my Life Skills students to access their online reading assignments.  After reaching the website, you must  first choose a menu tab at the top on the far left that says RAZ-PLUS  That tab takes you to a screen with a square green button that says "KIDS LOGIN"  Click on that button and it will ask you for your teacher's name.  Type athompson191 You will be taken to a list of student names.  Click your student's name and his password symbol which was given in a previous e-mail.  Student reading assignments are under assignments.  Students need to try to read one assigment each day, but they can read as many as they'd like. Please let me know if students would like to complete more of these fun and interactive assignments. They have an option to have the story read to them online.  There is also an option to take a test over each story read. Any other students or parents of students who are SPED can request these assignments as well.  Most regular ed teachers have made assignments of various kinds, and any student who needs help can call me at 254-421-3319 or 254-986-2471 or send me an e-mail at