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Joyce Segraves
Instructional Coach
Contact: 254-865-8271

My Mission Statement: The Instructional Coach, IC, shall provide colleagues with collaborative support that will ensure that the GISD student body grows to be innovative thinkers that are prepared for life beyond the classroom and Gatesville city limits. This growth will evolve from expanding and refining research-based best practice instruction for individual and group professional development, in addition to discovering new resources for classroom instruction. In order for this to successfully happen, the IC will provide personal collaboration that will support the needs and goals of the teacher, as well as the district.

Personal Philosophies toGood Coaching:

No one is immune to the need for growth; and EVERYONE is capable of growth.

Being a lifelong learner is a key to the profession of education.

Pursuit of best is essential - for self, educators, and students.

Goals should be built together and clearly communicated.

Honest reflection is a necessity, especially if growth is the end result.

People feel they have freedom of choice.

Colleagues voices are heard.

Trust and confidentiality is not to be overlooked.

Teachers feel appreciated and valued.

Everyday should be approached with humility.

Opportunities to learn are always present, if we are willing to learn.

When the power of ideas and collaboration are fueled by honest reflection, growth seems inevitable. I am dedicated to partnering with the staff to achieve this growth mindset. After all - our students are worth it!