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History Department Head

8th grade U.S. History

Theater Arts I & II

7th & 8th Girls Athletics

I am delighted to be teaching again this year in my hometown. I graduated in 1998 from Gatesville High School and will be celebrating my 38th bday this September '17 :@!

This is my 6th year to teach jr. high level students. I have taught grade levels 6th-8th and have coached at the 7th and 8th grade levels as well.  I graduated from Tarleton State University with a degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in History. I have a graduate certificate in Conflict Resolution (mediation) from ACU and I am currently finishing my last year at Abilene Christian University for my Master's in Conflict Resolution (Mediation). I am married to the wonderful Ryan Bartlett (Bartlett Electric) and we have two AMAZING daughters, Riann Tippit- 8th grade and Belle Bartlett -4th grade.

I am an over the top ANIMAL LOVER! One day I hope to rescue a monkey! There are sooo many animals in shelters waiting for a loving home! Spread the word... Adopt don't shop!

I am super excited to start another year at GISD and help enrich the lives of your precious kids! I am also thrilled to work with you as parents and encourage communication between each of us.

Please contact me at:

Bring it on 2017-2018! -I'm ready! :)


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Grades are low due to not turning work in. Lots of zero's that are really bringing averages down!!! Please look at your grades, come see me for tutorials (as I ALWAYS ASK) turn your work in!!! NOBODY took the option to retake their test if they needed to:( the deadline was today to attend a tutorial for a reteach and another one for a retake (by tomorrow). 
Parents, I am putting in a ton of effort to ensure your student has everything they need to be successful in my class. However, for some, I am not getting very much effort in return. I will be making parent contacts this weekend for your assistance in this matter.
9 weeks will be here soon! Do you know what your kid's average is? 
Parent Portal is available. Please contact the office for details. 
Thank you:), 

Hints for Door to History project 1

 1. She was canonized on Sept. 4, 2016, just 19 years after her death.
2. Emancipation proclamation
3. He always addressed his people with "Fireside chats"
4. She wrote a diary in WWII
5. Leader of the Indian Independence movement.
6. #14 & Tibetan
7. A founding Father
8. Cry Baby over nuclear missiles and lives on the North Side
9. Last name rhymes with the word INSANE
10. Fascist Party member
11. Cuba
12. Al-Qaeda  &   September 11, 2001
13. Soviet Union

Where to look....

Please check out U.S. HISTORY TAB, The DOOR TO HISTORY TAB & EARLY EXPLORATION & COLONIZATION TAB for information about what is going on in class.  
Please check out the Theatre tab for information about what is going on in class.